Reflections of a Shaddow: How my Moder is helping me adapt to change.

When I just moved to this apartment, I was pretty scared, anxious, unwilling to play. I heard all kinds of new noises and creaks in the floorboards and inside the walls. Fortunately my Moder decided to create a “bedroom” for me in her closet. It was the Shaddow in dismay, needs sleepfurthest place from noise or light in the house and it was very comfortable.

As you all are fully aware of, my moder had changed rooms with my Uder Moder. I now sleep in the room where my Moder is. The problem that there is too much light. There is no place to hide and have privacy because the room is too small.

Moder decided to do something that could probably work and could be the solution to my problem. She has moved around some boxes filled with old college book so that it would create a barrier from the light to get in to the back of the closet. My fluffy black and white plaid bed is placed there so I could have my privacy. There is a “walkway” leading from the front of the closet to the back so I know that it is time for my sleep sessions and no one will bother me.

Unfortunately I am not adapting to it very well. Moder leaves the closet door partially open for me to walk in and smell the surrounding area for comfort. That isn’t helping. Moder puts my food in the walkway to lure me into my bedroom. That isn’t helping. This was three days ago. I am still not falling for Moder’s requests. As much as I am tired, I don’t think I am going to fall for her shenanigans in getting me to adapt to my new bedroom.

Then Moder has an idea.

Going back through the time that I have been alive….I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS loved shoes. Shoes and elastic bands that my Moder and Uder Moder have recently used. The smell of their natural perfume is on those items and I have to have them! Since this is what I crave, Moder decided to make a line of shoes from the door to the small bedroom leading to the closet. With my sense of smell being so powerful, this might be a good way to grab my attention and guide me to my private bedroom in the closet.

So far, I have only ventured half-way in, smelling the foot aroma surrounding my head like a wreath. Lets hope all goes well in the next few days..I need some sleep.

About The Hip Grandmother

My name is Ty and I welcome you to follow my blogs. I will be a first-time grandmother and I would like you to join me in my adventures of dealing with my only child (having her only child).
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