Old Grump

Beautiful cat!


Grumpy Julius

Julie was on bad behavior part of the day, as he felt he was being deprived of being outside. I’m used to him complaining and dashing to the door.  The problem was that if he crossed paths with a kitten, he would hiss or swat at it…most often Rhea.

Box Girl

It would have been safer for her to spend that time up here instead of near the door Julie wanted to go out through.

Happy Davout

Davout continues to look better with the eyedrops.  I’m trying to make it so that eyedrop time is more pleasant so it won’t be as hard to catch him for application.

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About The Hip Grandmother

My name is Ty and I welcome you to follow my blogs. I will be a first-time grandmother and I would like you to join me in my adventures of dealing with my only child (having her only child).
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